Friday, September 11, 2009

Pill Popping On The Weekend and Positive Results

For some reason I always seem to run out of pills right before the weekend. When you take ten pills a day it is hard to anticipate when you are about to run out. I look in the bottle and say, "Oh, there's a lot of pills in there. I'm good." Then, two days later there is just one sad lonely pill. (By the way, if any of you are on Asacol there is a $25 off coupon on their website that you can use once a month through December.) I called the automated system to refill and sent my hubby in to pick it up. Only there was a problem. He couldn't get the medicine. See last month I was only taking 5 pills a day but then my doctor increased it to ten a day. Only he didn't tell my insurance company and they won't let me get a refill for another month. Must be trying to prevent me from selling them on the black market. Probably a high demand for the butt pills. Don't worry said the drug store. We'll call your doctor and get this all sorted out. But it's Friday. If you were a doctor, would you work on Fridays? Well, apparently mine doesn't. Which means it can't get sorted out until Monday. I'm still in a flare-up right now and really don't want to make it worse by missing doses.

Luckily, the pharmacist had pity on me and gave my husband enough pills to get me through the weekend. Pills without paying, huh... My criminal mind was spinning. How many pharmacies are in this town... Don't worry, I'm a virtuous person.

Other news: Reading these positive thought posts on some of your blogs reminded me of The Secret. It was very popular around here the last couple years. Someone gave me the video (I was too lazy to read the book) a year ago and I had watched it then but not paid it much thought since. I remembered how it talked about using positive thoughts and visualizations to make things happen: improve your health, increase your wealth, get the relationships you want. The video suggests you test it. To think of something you want and visualize getting it and how you would feel and then to believe you will get it and not let any negative thoughts about it not happening get in your mind.

I decided to test it. I thought I would try something small so it would be easier for me to believe that it would happen. I decided I wanted $20. I visualized getting it, believed I would and wouldn't you know it by the end of the day, I did NOT get $20.

I got an unexpected $100!!! My mother stopped by and gave it to me. She said she wanted to help pay for my son's preschool. I tried to refuse it, but she wouldn't have it. It wasn't until I was in bed last night that I realized I had gotten the $20 and then some.

I'm going to try this again sometime with something loftier. And maybe one day with my UC.


  1. I was on quite a few things and then finally decided I couldn't hang with taking three pills three times a day and still feel like absolute crap. We were walking down the isles at Walgreens and my boyfriend saw this box on one of their many jam packed shelves that said "Digestive Advantage-Take daily for the dietary management of Crohn's and Colitis" I thought it was BS because I had tried enemas, suppositories and 9 pills per day plus supplements, but I bought it.
    I'm not in perfect condition, but by damn it helped quite a bit. You might look into it maybe in addition to the pills you already take. Couldn't hurt..?

  2. Thanks for the info Whittles Wobble! I will definately look for it the next time I am at Walgreens.