Monday, September 28, 2009

Have a heart

This article from the Associated Press demonstrates why it is scary for people with UC to travel. I could see something like this happening to me. I wonder if I would be as bold to run past the flight attendant to get the bathroom or if I would just stand there and mess myself.

They should make special considerations for people with UC. The same as the do for people in wheel chairs. There should be private medical bathrooms on airplanes only for those with medical conditions with those people being seated nearby. And the process for planes taking off should be expedited. I know I have sat ON an airplane for 45 minutes just waiting for it to take off. This article has upset me a bit. I feel bad for the man that was kicked off his flight and probably humiliated. I thought about writing a note to United Airline, but couldn't think of what to say. After all they were just following security procedures, which I support, but still... It's tough enough for those of us that urgently have to use the bathroom. What would you say to United?

Putting my fears aside though, I have planned a vacation for next month. I feel my health right now is well enough that with a little extra care I could travel and enjoy myself. I am looking forward to it.


  1. How bad is that...poor Guy. He probably ate something that disagreed with him though and we have UC. I don't eat anything before a big journey except for plan bread, banana and maybe an egg. Not all in one go mind you....just a bit whenever I get really hungry..oh and an Imodium tablet for just in case...though I have read somewhere not o over do them as they eventually stop working. Have a great holiday :D

  2. Maybe the guy was aggressive or rude or maybe just an awkward customer. I reckon if faced with a scared looking person begging to use the toilet or they'd poo themselves the airline staff would act reasonably...I hope so anyway! It scares me that Ryanair want to start charging people to use the toilet! Imagine that!

  3. I can see both sides. If he looked like I do when I need to go, they probably wondered what he was up to. Plane rides terrify me for that reason. I don't eat anything before going anywhere, and take Imodium. Did you read the comments people were making? Wow.

  4. The right to use a bathroom when someone needs to should be a constitutional right, in my humble opinion. Yeah, we don't have all the details here. I guess I was just imagining myself there.
    Aliwalidoodah-- Yeah I saw that on the news. Charging to use the bathroom, huh? Well, I hope they are prepared for some extra clean-up then for those that don't pay!
    Hillary-- I wasn't able to see any comments. What were they saying? People can be downright insensitive...but I'm hoping they were only saying supportive things.