Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day

Today is Monday, which means it is the day I call my doctor's office. Every Monday I call and talk with nurse Kathy. She asks how I am feeling and then relays this information to my doctor who then tells her to call me back to either increase, decrease or keep my dosage the same. I think this is fantastic because I don't have to adjust my schedule, get a babysitter to come in AND I don't have to pay for a visit. Which is unlike my GP who would have me come in every week just for an update on how the medicine was working. So I've been very appreciative of him doing this.

The problem has been the conversations I have with nurse Kathy. It goes something like this:

Me: I've still been sick in the mornings, but after that I have been feeling fine the rest of the day.
Nurse Kathy: Define sick.

Really? Do I have to define sick? I mean, I call you every week. Do I really have to describe the diarrhea, spurting, bleeding, every week? Don't you remember from last week when I defined "sick" for you?

I know, I know, she needs to know specifically what symptoms I'm having so she can tell the doctor. Sick, after all, is relative.

It's just I am a bit uncomfortable talking about "bathroom" things. Going to the doctors for me is horrible when first you have to tell the person all the details when you call for the appointment and then at the appointment you have to tell the lady at the registration counter, and then the nurse that takes your weight and blood pressure, and finally the doctor himself. Why can't the first person just write it down and pass it on to the others? Why do they all need a graphic description? I think they like to see us squirm.

Writing about these things on my blog is one thing, but actually having to say the words out loud--to another person--is another thing. I think it has to do with my upbringing. My parents always taught me that it wasn't proper to talk about bathroom issues. In fact, I clearly remember the day one of my visiting friends stood up and said she needed to "go pee". My mother almost fainted. Women, or anyone for that matter, didn't pee or poo. We used the restroom or needed to powder our noses or merely visited the bathroom. But we NEVER talked about what happened behind closed doors, because there is a reason those doors are closed.

So last week when she asked me to define sick I sighed and reminded myself she hears this crap (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) all the time and I shouldn't be embarrassed. But today, I just didn't feel like calling. So, I didn't. I just felt today that if I didn't acknowledge I had Ulcerative Colitis, that maybe...I wouldn't.


  1. I'm the same way about being sick in the mornings. My symptoms are always worse when I first wake up, then the rest of the day, I seem to be alright, I'd even go so far as to say normal. Except the bm's, if I do have one in the afternoon, they still don't 'look' normal, lol. Have you tried SCD or anything? I looked into the hemp oil stuff, but unfortunately it's illegal to have, buy, grow, etc. Which stinks. I've also read wonders about red cabbage, so I'd like to get a juicer and try that out. Supposedly it's great at fighting inflammation. Sorry my comment is so long! Talk to ya later!

  2. What is SCD? This stupid disease already runs our lives, it's good to take a day off. As much as allowed anyway. Mornings are hard for me also. I don't commit to anything before noon.

    I remember being appropriate about bathroom talk. One day I was at my parents house, and had a good poop. It wasn't just liquid looking, and I was so excited! I went out and told everyone. They all looked at me like i'd lost my mind...maybe I have...hmmmm Anyway, obviously i'm very open about it now. I want people to feel comfortable to ask me about it. So maybe new sufferes won't be so embarrassed.

    Sorry you had a bad Monday. Hopefully next one will be better. Keep smiling!

  3. who do you talk about UC out loud too? Ever thought about talkign to your kid about it...well kids talk about all sorts of things and it's not as if they'd get embarrassed...they wear nappies and poo and wee themselves all the time..that way you also break the cycle about talking about it with your kid. Everyone in out house talks about BM's now - what happened, was it running etc....they know way too much now!!! I don't even get peace in the bathroom, but then again, every Mum knows that feeling. Though I'm not comfortable about talking to my Dad about it yet. He always asks if I'm OK or in pain, but I don't tend to go into too much detail...I just send me a web site link..

  4. I just introduce myself to all and sundry thus:
    "Hi, I'm rich and I shit blood...". God, that would be kind of twistedly rewarding wouldn't it? Just me, then. Fortunately I have some very good friends who have absolutely no qualms talking about the current state of my poop. It has become an every day part of our banter. My mother, however, is singular in her inability to get her head round UC and what it means for me...

    I reckon it's a good thing that you didn't call the doc this week. Sounds like you need a break from thinking about the UC. Hope you're feeling ok.